Digital Marketing and Strategy Internship

General Description

Zephyr Media Group has been a recognized leader in full-service media planning, buying, and sales for over 25 years.  We work with advertisers in planning and placing all media: TV, radio, print, out-of-home, transit, direct mail, and digital. Our long history of success highlights demonstrated abilities to reach and achieve aggressive targets and performance goals for clients across industries with a focus on healthcare, financial/banking, education, and consumer goods.

We seek creative, ambitious, and driven individuals to join our team in the upcoming 2016 Spring Semester. The ideal candidate will be interested in learning about all forms of media and gaining invaluable experience in a collaborative environment. Interested applicants should be willing to contribute to the media team by applying their personal knowledge, as well as concepts learned in related courses. Continue reading

Zephyr Media Group Spotlight: Carey Chase

Carey Chase

Carey Chase, Vice President and Media Director


Carey Chase, Vice President and Media Director, has 25 years of marketing and advertising experience and has been with Zephyr Media Group since 2006. Carey currently heads up the short form media department. Previously, Carey helped build the brand response media department for a division of EMI Music, worked as a digital consultant for Exodus Communications, and honed her media skills at A. Eicoff. Continue reading

Alissa Kyntych Featured in Media Life Magazine

Media LifeMedia Life Magazine asked media buyers from across the country to give advice on best practices when buying radio. As our Associate Media Director, Alissa Knytych, discusses in the article, frequency plays a key role in the success of any radio campaign. A successful campaign ensures a high rate of exposure to your target demographic. To learn more from Alissa, as well as other experts in the field, check out this article from Media Life Magazine. Also, to stay up to date on current media trends, be sure to follow Zephyr Media Group on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn!

Zephyr Media Group Spotlight: Alissa Knytych

Alissa Anytych

Alissa Knytych, Associate Media Director

Alissa Knytych, Associate Media Director, is a results-driven media professional specializing in direct response and hybrid (direct response and brand) planning and campaign management. She has been with Zephyr since 2007. Alissa has several years’ experience in media planning, buying, optimization, client communication, budget control and strategic planning across many advertising mediums including TV, radio, outdoor and digital. Alissa has worked with clients from numerous industries including healthcare, music, home improvement and education. Continue reading

Zephyr Media Group Spotlight: Sheila Ellis

Shelia Ellis

Sheila Ellis, Vice President of Long Form Media at Zephyr Media Group.

Sheila Ellis, Vice President Long Form Media, started in DR in the early 90’s working as a buyer for Williams TV Time in Santa Monica. From there, she accepted a buying position with a competitor, Hawthorne Direct. Continue reading

Zephyr Media Group Spotlight: Randi Leonard

Randi Leonard

Randi Leonard, Media Supervisor at Zephyr Media Group.

In this spotlight, we are featuring Randi Leonard, Media Supervisor at Zephyr Media Group. Randi has been in the Direct Response Media industry since 2007. She started her DR career with Tower Media, and was most recently at ID Media, an IPG company, before joining Zephyr Media Group in August of 2013. Randi has extensive experience working with both traditional direct response clients, as well as direct response/general hybrids, and was thrilled to be able to bring her knowledge to the Zephyr Media Group team. Continue reading

Marketing Office TLC Benefits

Change is a key to success in the marketing world. To survive, one must alter his or her way to adapt to the ever changing world. Companies continuously alter their business strategies, but often forget that their internal structure can benefit from updates as well. One of the most overlooked methods of change is a little office TLC.

You don’t need a massive slide, indoor waterfall, or a fancy roof deck to revamp your office. No one would complain about the fancy decor, but everyone can’t have a Google office. Continue reading

Four Game Changers of Digital Advertising

In a world clustered by brands trying to communicate to their target market, it can prove difficult to stand out from the competition. Another challenge is ensuring the message is received by the right audience, as it grows more difficult with various forms of media, especially in digital advertising. Continue reading

Chango Sheds Light on Technology’s Role in Marketing

It’s no secret that the world of marketing and advertising is quickly growing and adapting to keep up with the ever-evolving field of technology. One of the more recent developments could drastically change the way that we consume media. As explained in Chango’s article, Continue reading

Incorporating Branded Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

Branded content is growing increasingly popular among companies looking to reach their target audience in more personal ways. The idea behind branded content is that brands are able to create advertisements in the form of editorial content. In doing so, the advertisements are more entertaining, personable, and effective. Continue reading