Media Buying and Planning

Media buying is the most unseen aspect of the advertising world. It’s the unglamorous side of the industry, the heavy lifting after the commercial shoot is over and the extras have gone home.  But regardless of how good a commercial may be, the chances for success are limited without a great media buyer delivering your message to the target audience.

What makes a media buyer effective? A keen understanding of both your product and your customer, a firm grasp of the state of the media markets, immense experience and insight, and the perfect mix of statistical knowledge and intuition.

At Zephyr Media Group, media buying is the heart of our company- in every facet of our work, our buying efforts are integral to what we do. We’ve bought direct response and general media time on virtually every national cable network and in every Top 200 broadcast markets in the U.S., in addition to work in Canada and Puerto Rico.