Direct Response

Direct Response

Zephyr Media Group is a media agency with extensive experience and proficiency in both Short Form (30 to 120 seconds) and Long Form (30 minutes) direct response campaigns. We offer broadcast and network representation and advertising sales for syndicated programs. Our roots in direct response give us the unique insight and edge in today's highly dynamic media marketplace.

No matter the size of the project or the customer's needs, Zephyr Media Group is committed to being the resource needed to build a powerful and effective direct response or general media campaign. We have connections to the best creative, production, and technological resources you need to develop your standout effort.

We Value Service

All of our clients, large and small, are important to us. We’re not just an advertising agency, we’re an extension of your company. And we take that seriously. We listen to our clients and do whatever is necessary to help you reach your marketing goals.


We Analyze Everything

At Zephyr Media Group, performance is everything. We look at all the components that make up a campaign. Target markets, demographics, and CPP are just a few of the tools we use to determine which course of action is appropriate for reaching your company’s marketing goals.