Case Histories

Marketers create direct response television campaigns to sell product or generate leads. But they also know that DRTV is designed to produce virtually instant, quantifiable measurements of success. Zephyr Media Group has had the opportunity to work with a number of great companies and help them build their businesses–and produce real results!

While there are measurement tools–DRTV jargon–that you will hear about, DRTV users are most interested in understandable metrics such as:

  • Attractive cost-per-lead results
  • Low cost-per-orders
  • Maximum returns on advertising investments

Zephyr Media Group understands the challenges and needs, and has demonstrated its ability to deliver against targets and goals that DRTV marketers establish. And those goals are often not only direct sales on television, but also can be leads, online, or other media sales and prospecting.

Here are just a few examples of how Zephyr Media Group's work has delivered powerful results for direct response advertisers…

  • Our short form direct response team has successfully converted a traditional insurance lead generation TV campaign to a thriving direct response initiative and reduced the overall cost-per-qualified lead by over 80% while substantially increasing overall commercial exposure and market penetration
  • Our effort for a debit card company that led to whopping double-digit sales gains per-month early in the campaign, followed by outperforming an aggressive plan in continued months by nearly 20%.
  • Our success in bringing a major "big box" retailer's private label product to TV that outperformed even aggressive projections and sold out product inventory well in advance of the planned end of the campaign
  • Our work for a reverse-auction company offering a variety of unique products that needed a mix of online and mobile messaging bids exceeded initial expectations, and then consistently outperformed campaign projections and estimates.
  • Our long-running, consistent-performing work for a niche tool product over-delivered against projections and estimates and included a variety of innovative media placement ideas that kept the brand alive and contributed to the ongoing sales successes.
  • Our introduction of a family-oriented mobile phone category product that used TV to drive customers to either a toll-free number or a website for information and subscription; our almost daily "tweaking" and retooling of media buys led to exceeded expectations.
  • Our long-running work for a high-end air purification product that produced staggering results: a brand was built through a long-running long form infomercial and short form DRTV spot that catapulted the Company's stock value, drove repeated double-digit quarterly earnings, generated sales levels that made it a leading direct response spender quarter after quarter, becoming one of the all-time success stories in the DRTV industry.

Want more information on these? Contact us and we'll be glad to tell you more about these direct response TV successes.