Cost Components

How do you go about determining the overall cost of a direct response or infomercial campaign? How do you ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of learning about hidden or unplanned costs as you embark on such a campaign? How will you tell what the true costs will be with "no surprises?"

It's important to understand that there are a number of vital components that comprise the pieces involved in a successful direct response campaign. The finished product you see on-air is the tip of the planning iceberg–so much more goes on "below the water" that is not seen by the viewer. If you're going to properly plan to market your product or service on television, you'll need to take a series of important steps to make your short form TV message or your half hour program is a prospecting or selling success.

Zephyr Media Group has developed a checklist of procedures, steps, and necessities that are crucial elements of most any direct response campaign. Depending on your objectives, marketing proposition, and overall goals and intent, you need to consider planning and budgeting for them–or at least understand why some or all of them are upfront considerations. Make sure you include these in your campaign planning when budgeting your effort. Remember: no surprises!

If you work with Zephyr Media Group, we'll review each of the following with you:

  • Program Planning & Production–from concept development to the completed commercial or infomercial
  • Media Time Costs
  • Videotape Duplication for Stations/Networks
  • Inbound Call Centers
  • Internet "Landing" or selling pages
  • Fulfillment House Fees (various customer service/merchant costs, order processing, shipping, etc.)
  • Sales Administration

If you'd like to review a more in-depth breakout of how these pieces of the infomercial marketing plan fit together to insure the success of your effort, visit our direct response TV checklist. We'll get you familiar with how Zephyr Media Group makes sure all the necessary components are thoroughly and thoughtfully discussed and built into your cost equation.