Checklist for Direct Response Marketers

Getting a long or short form marketing campaign up and running is more than just taking your product idea, producing the video spot or program, airing it, and generating sales. There's more to the process to make your campaign run smoothly and efficiently.

Zephyr Media Group has developed this modest "checklist" that we use when working with an existing or prospective client, and we urge you to do the same in your marketing planning. It's our rundown of the items that have to be dealt with at some point in the overall process-and it's better if you are aware of the need to deal with them early on in your thinking.  Beware the DRTV marketers who only quote the cost of producing the commercial message!! We at Zephyr Media Group believe in the "no surprise" approach when working with you to develop a relationship.

Does this mean a direct response campaign has to be costly? Not at all. We can work with you to find the right pieces, partners and sources to manage the entire process while minimizing your outlay. We want your marketing effort to be a cost effective, highly-successful undertaking.

Things you need to think about are listed here and are included in the cost you will be quoted in each category…

Program Planning and Production

  • Interviewing/hiring appropriate firm/individuals

Script Writing

  • Remote production crew
  • Studio production crew
  • Editing services
  • Audio recording services
  • Graphics and animation

Media Time

  • Network vs. local station determination
  • Test market(s) activity
  • Rollout effort
  • Ongoing campaign spending

 Tape Duplication & Distribution

  • Dubbing
  • Shipping

Internet Site

  • Selling/landing page
  • Separate URL for TV leads/sales
  • Integration with existing website content


  • Interviewing/hiring appropriate firm/individuals
  • Scripting, training of team
  • Budgeting of call fees, line charges


  • Interviewing/hiring appropriate firm/individuals
  • Order processing
  • Shipping/freight costs
  • Returns processing
  • Inventory control/restocking

Overall Sales Administration

  • Coordination
  • Media billing and invoicing
  • Accounting

It sounds like a big job, but it's manageable with the right partner who understands all the elements and can work with you and for you. We promise you that experience at Zephyr Media Group.